Of course livestock farmers, including Ironstone Farm and Pasture Song Farm are busy digging out from the snow to get food and water to their livestock, and probably a bit of wrangling and digging to make sure livestock are still within their electric fences as well.

But what does an ORCHARDIST do in the winter?

I asked Dale at French Creek Organic Cider Orchard this morning, “Dale, what does an apple farmer do in the snow like this one? Wait for snow to melt and then get back to pruning trees?
Dale said, “that depends. If the amount of pruning required every day available [to be spent pruning], I’d be slogging through the snow. But it doesn’t, so I am waiting for the snow to melt.”
Dale will get back to pruning his about 1,200 trees after melt! In the meantime, he reportedly has his architect hat on, working in more “friendly” conditions at home.