We’re Proud to Have These Farmers Call Lundale Farm Home.

Lundale Farm leases land and housing for farmers committed to growing wholesome foods, using organic methods that enhance the health of the land and the community. The farmers at Lundale are as varied as the landscape.

At Lundale North, Pasture Song Farm produces forage raised pork and fresh cut flowers. Horseshoe Ranch has truly pasture raised hens for eggs and broilers. They free range in the pasture eating a mixture of grasses and bugs – the way chickens are meant to eat. Farming alongside Horseshoe Ranch is Kneehigh Farm, whose wide array of gorgeous vegetables and flowers add color, flavor and delicious nutrition to the foods grown on Lundale Farm.

Trees for Graziers has added a robust, multifunctional riparian buffer along the creek banks of the Beaver Run to protect the land and water while growing edibles and ornamentals. French Creek Organic Cider Orchard is raising over 2,200 young heritage apple trees at Lookout Field that in a few years will be pressed and fermented for delicious hard cider. Olszanowski Farm expertly grow organic livestock feed on sloping fields, putting to use land unsuited for other agricultural purposes.

Kneehigh Farm

7-acre Kneehigh Farm is owned by Farmer Emma Cunniff-DeLong. Kneehigh produces over 100 varieties of chemical-free fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers for its CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), the Swarthmore Farmers’ Market, and local restaurants. Her farm store, Red Dog Market, also stocks organic and sustainably raised micro greens, mushrooms, cheeses, and eggs from other like-minded local farmers.

Pasture Song Farm

Farmers Clara Osborne and Jeremy Dunphy produce forage-grazed pork and nutritious crops for their hogs on more than 45 acres of loamy, rolling land at Lundale Farm. Pasture Song primarily raises Berkshire and Berkshire-Cross pigs, known for their superior meat that is tender, succulent, darker in color, and heavily marbled. They also have pastured chicken available. Visit their website for the most up to date information on where to purchase their meats and flowers.

Horseshoe Ranch Farm

Bryan and Brittany Donovan signed on at Lundale in February of 2022. They have a passion for raising and specializing in poultry for the production of eggs and meat, with a focus on raising chickens truly on pasture through a sustainable, movement based system that gives them adequate fresh forage every day and they in turn fertilizes the soil.

Olszanowski Farms

Tom Olszanowski has been farming in Chester County with his family for decades. This season, he’ll be growing soybeans that will be used in the feed for the pigs of Lundale’s Pasture Song Farm, and other grains for local livestock feed.

French Creek Organic Cider Orchard

FCOCO is the new venture of Dale and Basel Frens, a father-son team with deep roots in apple growing. Before the trees were planted in 2018, they prepared the soil on Lundale’s Lookout Fields through organic means, including cover crops and wildflowers to attract bees for fruit pollination. They have since planted over 2,200 apple trees. Their organic hard cider will be worth the wait!

Trees for Graziers

Farmer Austin Unruh designed, installed, and now manages a 3 acre riparian buffer along the creekside banks of the Beaver Run. The native trees and bushes will serve as a buffer to the stream, and the high-value perennial crops will allow him to start his farming enterprise.